FinMango Awarded $50,000 Grant from Google Health to Continue Collaboration on the COVID-19 Open Data Project.

FinMango, a data-driven non-profit that promotes financial literacy, education, and advocacy around the world, has been awarded a $50,000 grant from Google Health to continue collaboration on Google’s COVID-19 Open Data Project

The COVID-19 Open Data Project is the world's most comprehensive COVID-19 dataset; we track sub-national cases and vaccine deployment data for 20,000+ distinct locations in over 190 countries. Our data has influenced vaccine research, government public policy decisions, and travel safety measures, amongst other things. Additionally, our data has been used by numerous international organizations, including The WHO (Covax), The World Bank, IMF, Harvard University Research, USAID, and Verily, to name a few.

Since the inception of the project, the goals of the collaboration have remained the same:

  1. Help decision-makers understand the unique impact of COVID-19 on different communities,

  2. Provide timely, transparent, and unbiased data about the pandemic, and

  3. Establish partnerships with data providers and users to collect facts and extract insights.

Over the years, we have learned a thing or two about uniting people from different communities, backgrounds, and countries to make a positive impact on the world together. FinMango will use this grant to thank our volunteers, who have dedicated countless hours from their personal lives, education, and careers, to plug the data gap and attempt to create information symmetry between organizations during this devastating pandemic. 

For more about the project and what we’re up to, visit

Current contributors [with length of time on the project] include: Pam Hoalt, PhD [14 months], James Glasgow PhD [14 months], James Glasgow Pharm.D. [14 months], Rebeca Lozano [14 months], Kishan Patel [14 months], Uday Patel [14 months], Enrico Buoro [14 months], Scott Glasgow [14 months], Ojasvinee Singh [12 months], Kevin D'Souza [12 months], Martin Noguera [12 months], and Nathan Immel [1 month].