Call for Volunteers - FinMango SMB Guide Translation Project

Hey Mango community!

Hope you're all doing well.

With the pandemic pushing hundreds of millions of people below the poverty line this year, FinMango has more incentive than ever to help people all around the world get financially literate. 

Our newest global initiative is the Small Business Guide - It is to help small business owners effectively bring their business to the digital era. We have partnered with the Wahltinez Foundation to create a free online resource which can help these business owners navigate the various barriers to setting up and managing their online businesses. 

We intend to make this guide globally available in 20 or more different languages and are looking for volunteers to help us. 

Volunteer Requirements:

We are looking for volunteers to work with dedicated team members for FinMango in translating our SMB Guide-book. Volunteers need to be:

  1. Fluent in any 1 of the following languages - French, Spanish, Portuguese, Any South Asian Language

  2. Able to perform basic market research wherever needed to contextualize the document for a given geography

  3. A great team player and communicator

Volunteers Responsibilities:

  1. One time volunteering stint of 5-6 hours on translation and research related tasks

  2. Provide share updates with dedicated FinMango team members on your progress

  3. Work well with various team members and adhere to timelines for given goals

If you are interested - Sign-up with your details on this FORM

A few hours of your efforts could help someone redeem years in their life :)


Harish Sharma & Gautham Kannan